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Luo's company was founded in 1987, the company established in 2008


Its own rubber industry, aluminum industry, automotive and industrial lubricants, tourism real estate and investment companies have more than 1500 employees, and the annual output value is nearly 1 billion yuan.


Production base located in Zhejiang province Yuhuan County, Shanghai City, Jiading District Jiangsu Haian county and Anhui of Wuhu, the Haian base has been initially built for the "Luoshi industrial park"...


Luo's rubber industry is a national key high-tech enterprise, national auto parts export base enterprise, has A Well-Known Trademark in China, National Laboratory Certification...



Shanghai Luoshi Oil Co. Ltd.


We hand in hand to the Canadian Petroleum Corp and South Korea SK oil company, such as the international front line automobile host supporting lubricating oil enterprises, to enter the China after sale market.



Jiangsu Vibration Control Co., Ltd.


The control arm acts as a guiding and transmitting element of the vehicle suspension system, and transfers all kinds of force on the wheel to the body, while ensuring that the wheels move according to a certain track.



Anhui Luoshi Shengtai Great


Aluminum forging 7 production lines, iron forging 2 production lines, stamping parts, 1 production lines, finishing 7 production lines, aging heat treatment 1 production lines, assembling 2 production lines.


 Main products

Engine mounting / isolation block / chassis Bushing / exhaust pipe hanger

Industrial Distribution:
Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu

Haian Industrial Park             Anhui factory
Shanghai factory                  Zhejiang Yuhuan factory
Zhejiang Yuhuan factory        An micro hot spring tourism project

 Our customers

All kinds of brand models and other host plants under the six major automobile group, the world class auto parts module supplier

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