Jiangsu Luoshi Shock Absorber Co., Ltd

It was officially opened on January 16, 2014. The company is located in Hai'an County (provincial level) Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 503.89 mu, with a planned total investment of 1.08 billion yuan and a design annual output of 120 million pieces.

Hai'an County belongs to the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, which is the radiation zone of Shanghai. The county has jurisdiction over 14 towns, with a total population of nearly one million people. It is one of the densely populated counties in the country and the province. It belongs to the north subtropical humid monsoon climate zone, with four distinct seasons and an average annual temperature of 14.6 ℃. It is known as the "hometown of architecture".

The development of Luoshi Shares includes R&D sales, production base and investment and financing. Jiangsu Luoshi Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. is a production base. It plans to build one office building, 14 production workshops, 2 warehouses, 4 dormitory buildings and 6 outsourcing workshops. At present, Phase I (100000 square meters) has been completed and Phase II is under preparation. The completion of the production base not only promotes the development of the local economy and the employment of the masses, but also marks another turning point for the development of Luoshi enterprises.

The company welcomes talents from the society, and hopes to join hands with the staff to make a new progress, create brilliance, and be the creator of order and efficiency, the cultivator of wealth and dreams, and the owner of happiness and health!