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Brief introduction of detection center

Luo's test center is affiliated with the professional testing organization enterprise group, laboratory construction area of 3000m2, the investment of more than 6000 yuan, under the performance parts room, material performance room, precision measurement room professional testing area, has the international leading inspection equipment, is in the leading level in the country in many auto parts enterprise.
The testing center was approved by the China National Accreditation Committee (CNAS) for laboratory testing ability in 2010.
The core of our company is "rigorous, standardized, efficient and collaborative" occupation principle, and a highly responsible enterprise spirit of customers and society. We constantly improve our professional capabilities and escort our R & D and quality control.




Parts performance room


Static stiffness test
Dynamic stiffness test
Environmental testing
Strength test


Structural fatigue chamber


Fatigue test
Environmental testing
Road spectrum test
Wear test of ball pin


Environmental Laboratory


Properties of rubber materials
Properties of metal materials
Component analysis
Corrosion test


Size measuring room


Data acquisition
Image scanning

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