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38 women's Day

Number of visits: Date:Mar 8,2017

With the development of society, women's contribution to life and work is becoming more and more obvious. In March 8, 2017 107th, is a "38" International Women's day, for the expression of Luo's female staff for Haian and Shanghai branch launched the distinctive women's day activities.
The Shanghai company held a PPT lecture on women's health knowledge for the female compatriots. The content accords with the topic that most of the women are most concerned about. It's very practical. Everyone actively shares their skin care experience, which has aroused the interest of the majority of compatriots, and the atmosphere is unusually warm. During the lecture, I also invited Luo Tao to give you a lot of knowledge, such as how dopamine produced and what effect it had, learning ancient literature and publicizing the great heritage of Chinese famous race. General Locke's speech enriches the spiritual life of the people and closes the event perfectly.
Haian company has prepared gifts for women workers, and specially invited the women's Federation teachers of Mitutoyo Village Branch of Chengdong town of Haian county to share knowledge about women's health with all the female workers. Before class, Mr. Zhang Yanliang, Vice Minister of Human Resources Department of Haian company, spoke to nearly 350 women in the company to express their holiday blessings. The course was taught by Mr. Jiang and Mr. Tao for nearly two hours. During the period of Jiang teacher to us to explain in detail the symptoms and preventive measures of common gynecological diseases of women, and pottery teacher as family planning staff, focusing on the health of migrant women's knowledge lectures, the teacher's wonderful teaching from time to time to win the applause. In view of the teacher's questioning and interaction, everyone has actively participated in and won the small gifts, and the face of the majority of women workers is filled with confidence and satisfaction. Near the end of the course, Cai made a summary statement for the event. This activity has done a good demonstration to strengthen the close ties between the Party branch and the village committee of the Mitutoyo village, Chengdong town.
The world is beautiful for women, and life is perfect for women. We would like the female workers, health, youth, efforts in their own positions, continue to develop self-esteem, self-respect, self-improvement, self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, to contribute to the development of enterprise, and then add luster.

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