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Zhou Yuhong, vice president of the Haian County Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) visit

Number of visits: Date:Mar 29,2017

In March 29, 2017, Haian County CPPCC Vice Chairman, chairman of Union County Comrade Zhou Yuhong line to guide our work, executive vice president Luo Qiang reception and was accompanied by a Jiangsu Vibration Control Co. ltd..
The week after the visit president held a forum, affirmed the development of Luo's Haian company, and put forward the advice to Luo's enterprise reform and innovation, scientific and technological innovation, to become the leader in the field of NVH manufacture, and bring more employment.
At the meeting, the chairman of Zhou Zhou pointed out the relevant personnel of the county town and the functional organs with the guidance of the tour guide: to highlight the innovation and development, to enter the enterprise, and to boost the quality and increase the efficiency. To the enterprise, in-depth workshop, team worker masses, in-depth understanding of all kinds of talents to the docking status, industry Gang, need to ask the enterprise to ask for the owner, asked for in experts to do the production and operation of enterprises, technological innovation, harmonious and stable development environment, the work of thinking five notice". To resolve contradictions, solve problems, boost harmony and stability. Outstanding comprehensive strictly, solid foundation, strong foundation and boost.
Locke total to all leading cadres to guide expressed his thanks and said, I Division in the loving care of the county CPPCC at all levels of the leadership, made a quick and steady development, 2016 sales of nearly five hundred million yuan, three consecutive years of growth, the tax of nearly eighty million yuan, nearly five hundred new jobs to the local people. Luo's achievements of enterprises cannot do without the leadership of care and help, Luo's enterprise will continue to increase investment, leading more and more high-quality enterprises together for the industry and contribute to the economic development of Haian.
(Purchasing Department Zhu Chunfu)

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