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A brief introduction to the whole vehicle development process of the major host plants

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The development of vehicle (vehicle and parts) is a rather complex project. As we all know, the three elements of the project are time, quality and cost. How to ensure project quality in a large number of design and verification processes, while ensuring the progress of the project? Each company has its own project management method, today combing several OEM project management process for everyone to refer to.
The development and management of all new car project, will put quality first, the quality of broad sense represents a kind of ability, including ability, making a brand automobile factory management ability, research ability and service ability, in fact, all can be called quality ability within the automotive industry department called the new project process management and development, the overall quality of the process and the final product line is closely related to the car.
Volkswagen Group
The development process of Volkswagen Group for new projects is illustrated above. The whole project nodes are divided very well. The key points are PF project confirmation, B approval, 0S zero lot and SOP mass production.
After the approval of B, all parts suppliers must open the mold, which is equivalent to the starting instruction of the physical manufacturing.
0S intersection is also a key point for the public. At this time, the quality assurance department will take full efforts to intervene, such as production line trial loading, road condition test, supplier's first sample inspection and approval, supplier capacity review 2TP and so on.
Node name and description of Volvo is more detailed than the public, but also implement the concept cars in Europe is fine, it is interesting that Volvo MP1 in mass production, will be for a period of 6 months of production inspection system with the general term called GP12, GP12 seized the whole new projects just production quality instability can effectively prevent and isolate.



The process is divided into Nissan from Phase1 to Phase5, at first glance, let a person feel the Japanese project is very simple, just to simplify, can see Figure two, a small task and milepost in each stage, only all tasks will be completed and verified qualified, to enter into the next stage, which some key words:
VC lot represents the sample sample, the host plant test and the real car test.
PT1 pre - batch production requires the completion of the production process and the verification of the product size process capability.
PT2 pre batch production needs to complete the audit of manufacturing process capability.
The project development process of this type of map guidance in the Japanese department makes people feel very reliable.
GM is a pioneer in implementing the advanced quality planning, process and system of the industry was widely emulated, and even many parts suppliers directly copy the general process, the process for documents, orders, build area have clearly defined, for beginners and new hand at a glance, the formal logistics order is divided into small batch, in volume, mass.
Daimler Benz




The Daimler Benz process by engineers of all ages, the reason is very simple, the goal of reasonable arrangement of each milepost, no more or less never, freezing, freezing, and then the concept of demand 1:1 model validation, finally design the process of freezing, not complicated, the target is very strong, in the actual operation of the project, Benz the project is the most efficient rhythm.
Each brand has its own tradition, culture and consciousness, the project process is the principles and the bottom line of a company, the vehicle can be more than 10000 parts to simplify the development process, not deviate from the clear purpose and pertinence, so as to improve the efficiency and quality of the overall development.

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