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Case of spare parts tycoon layout in China

Number of visits: Date:Jun 21,2017

A, BOSCH launched Internet plus maintenance
The interconnected maintenance station system is a complete and efficient solution to complete the maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle from day to day. The system can real-time grasp the vehicle condition, determine whether the vehicle needs to be maintained and maintained, and draw up the exclusive plan, notify the maintenance station, so that it can book the vehicle replacement parts ahead of time. After the vehicle enters the maintenance station, the technical personnel can provide the targeted service. BOSCH Flex Inspection smart station fast vehicle detection system, complete vehicle detection Internet service station system in timeliness, predictability, convenience in one of the fastest in 4 minutes, to provide efficient services for the driver, but also help the maintenance station to enhance their competitiveness and customer satisfaction, promote the repair station the construction and development of the business chain.
Two. The after-sales service of continental push drive
In the 2016 Shanghai auto show in Frankfurt, ContiTech transmission system of customer service department, business group launched three highlights products, namely BTT Mini (portable tension meter), including pump timing package, and query interface. BTT Mini is a testing tool for belt tension test during repair. WeChat's query interface is co operated by mainland group and TecAlliance technology company. In the product query interface launched by the WeChat public number of the continental group, we can inquire about the after sale application information of the mainland group, including all the brands of Condi Taco. With the pump timing package is mainly for the development of water pump repair factory, this component was added based on the timing of Condi Taco's.
Three, the implementation of the "dual brand manhumoer"
Man Hummel in the first half of 2016 to complete the filtering affinia business acquisitions, Vickers and FILTRON brands under the nationalization. The Mann filter based positioning in the high-end market, will seize the market in the end Vickers filter, dual brand joint force, expand the manhumoer customer service market layout. Vickers is the first big filter in North America, and has a deep understanding of the maintenance and maintenance of the engine. Unlike the man brand, the brand is developed and expanded in the aftermarket, and its product research and development will give priority to the demand of after market. The Mann filter and Vickers filter brand complementary strategy, manhumoer will develop more high-quality products with filtration of market demand, to achieve "1+1>2" value, work together to build a clean future. Both brands work together and will provide more options for different users.
(Zhu Chunfu from the China Auto newspaper)

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