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Wind resistance level in the top five! Visit the Roewe I6 wind tunnel test

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First, don't misunderstand. Here the "blow" does not mean to brag, but Roewe I6 achieved excellent 0.25Cd drag coefficient in wind tunnel test. Wind tunnel test? Coefficient of wind resistance? Don't worry. Let's go by one item.


Modeling, wind tunnel, wind resistance coefficient
In the impression, this tall noun is often linked to a vehicle, such as a plane, a high speed rail, a racing car, and so on. You know, it takes 20000 yuan to blow the product into the wind tunnel only for 1 hours, which doesn't include the cost of field usage and the cost of all kinds of hardware and software usage and data analysis. Is our small shopping cart really burning money like this?




In fact, it is not. For a long time, the history of the evolution of automotive modeling design is the history of the development of aerodynamics. With the development of science and technology, automobile shape design has gone through a period of "unrestrained air". Aerodynamic performance has become the highest standard to measure the level of automobile styling design.




According to statistics, for traditional energy vehicles (gasoline vehicles), the reduction of drag coefficient is 10%, and its fuel consumption level will be reduced by 3%. For new energy vehicles, the drag coefficient will decrease by 0.02, and its mileage will be more than 10km. Because of this, when today's slogan of "energy saving and emission reduction" is crying out all over the world, how to further reduce drag coefficient has become the main force of major manufacturers.



In a little understanding of the wind tunnel and the drag coefficient of the background knowledge, we come to see the world of Roewe fifth is how to achieve.
How is the 0.25Cd implemented?
To put elephants in fridge, there are three steps in total, and in order to achieve excellent drag coefficient, there are three steps -- 1. airflow attaching, 2. air cutting and 3. overall optimization.
Roewe I6 on the rearview mirror and a little story. As everyone knows, because of the specific shape and use of rearview mirror "stretched out", for reducing the overall drag coefficient is definitely a "cancer", because of this, we're not going to see the rearview mirror in many concept car, and in the actual driving many annoying noise are also derived from this that is the root of all evil". The Roewe also began to take it MEIZHE and engineers will ask, CLA (Benz car drag coefficient is currently tied for first) design team hired help, finally, after the precise regulation of thousands of times, the rearview mirror resistance 0.009 was born.
But people soon discovered that in fact the better the tail of the "drop" after cutting effect, and is all the more agile and better. This is due to the separation of the high velocity airflow at the tail, resulting in a low speed vortex, and the high pressure generated by the low velocity vortex will push the car forward. As a result, the tail of our common "flat as a knife" is born.
"Why are there pits in golf?" It's definitely one of the one hundred thousand hottest questions. In fact, this is the key means to reduce air resistance, body guard Roewe I6 using the same surface and golf technology, reduce the change of the flow direction of the airflow through the chassis to make more smooth, reduce drag and fuel consumption at the same time, but also enhance the vehicle stability.
Summary: not by PPT blowing, without advertising, the real wind resistance technology from the expensive and rigorous wind tunnel test room "blow" out. Roewe I6 relies on the drag coefficient of excellent in further reducing fuel consumption toward a small step, from unknown to the list, which is not only the level of design and technology leap, power forward. Domestic car "four wheels and a sofa" era, quality and technology racing together bridle to bridle the times has come, this is a good sign that Roewe is a good start.
(excerpt from the center of the test center)

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