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Application Guide

1. Before the interview
Understand job information
Deliver a resume as required
Waiting for a phone call for a job test in a week
2. The process of interview
First test: fill in the interview registration form - the answer link (15 minutes of psychological test) - Human Resources Department interview (20 - 60 minutes)
Re examination:
Non R & D classes are interviewed by the employers (20 - 60 minutes)
The R & D class is arranged by the employing Department (50 - 90 minutes), and then by the human Department
Attention to interview: first try to carry a formal resume, personal credentials related documents
3. After the interview
After a preliminary or retest, you can wait for the interview results in 1 to 2 weeks.
Through interview, it is necessary to prepare relevant identity, certificate of education, certificate of resignation and medical examination.
No interview: it shows that the job is not suitable for the interviewer for the time being, and the relevant information is stored in the company's talent pool.
Contact information
Company website:
Company address: the intersection of 221 provincial road and harmony Road in Haian Economic Development Zone, Haian County, Nantong, Jiangsu
Contact: Ding Wenbin
Phone: 0513-80812246
Resume delivery mailbox: [email protected]

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