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Name: Zhejiang vibration control Limited by Share Ltd
Address: Yuhuan County auto and motorcycle industrial park, Taizhou, Zhejiang
Phone: 0576-87277025
Mailbox: [email protected]

Anhui Luoshi Shengtai Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited
Address: No. 1156 Anhui province Wuhu County Development Zone Machinery Industrial Park Wuhu Industrial Avenue
Phone: 0553-8768137

Jiangsu Vibration Control Co., Ltd.
Address: intersection of 221 provincial road and harmony Road in Haian Economic Development Zone
Phone: 0513-80812210

Shanghai Luoshi Oil Co. Ltd.
Address: 6 floor, No. 4229, Baoan highway, Jiading District, Shanghai
Telephone: 4006782276
Mailbox: [email protected]

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