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Introduction of R&D Center


Luo's NVH Research Center was founded in July 2002 (formerly known as Luo's Engineering Department), as with the construction of Luo's group and the Jilin University, is a professional organization of automobile parts development, damping material and rubber formulation research in enterprise group, over the years to host both at home and abroad to plant to provide NVH system level diagnosis and solutions.
The existing team of engineers, R & D center more than 150 people, over the years in the transformation system of "research" as the link of scientific and technological achievements under the guidance of close cooperation with the major colleges and universities, the construction of talent team is arranged in good order, with the majority of Bachelor degree or above, including 10 masters, 3 visiting professors and experts. The structure of the personnel is reasonable, the team tends to be young and full of vitality.
Luo's NVH research and Development Center under the jurisdiction of NVH pre test and matching, shock absorber structure design and calculation of CAE, damping material and rubber formulation, mold design and manufacturing, chassis parts development, research on the development of mounting group.
Since the capability of synchronous development in 2009, with the support of R & D capabilities and perfect testing equipment, the center has completed the NVH debugging optimization of hundreds of vehicles, and accumulated rich experience of synchronous development.
There are more than 70 national patents including rubber self lubrication technology, and most of them are inventive patents.





Enter the global synchronous development system


In 2009, NVH Luo's R & D center officially entered the global automotive synchronous development system, is now fully equipped with the powertrain mounting system, the design of the chassis suspension system, elastic element and matching ability.
Over the years, NVH Luo's R & D center has been with the Guangzhou Automobile Group, SAIC, FAW, Changan automobile, Changan Ford, Geely Automobile, Chery group, auto and other domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers to carry out synchronous development, has accumulated hundreds of vehicle synchronous development project.
The design of the total suspension system and the optimization of the NVH commissioning of the whole vehicle;
Design and development of the total hydraulic suspension and rubber suspension.
Suspension control arm and bushing matching design;
Design and development of control arm, rubber bushing and hydraulic bushing.
Design and development of various chassis elastic components.




Synchronous development capability


· System level suspension and suspension system development capability
· NVH testing and matching
· Structural design of shock absorber and finite element analysis of CAE simulation
· Development of damping rubber and damping material

Simulation and analysis of CAE finite element method


· Powerful CAE analysis optimization ability
· Effectively reduce the cost and cycle of parts development



NVH matching ability


· Domestic leading NVH matching strength and team
· The NVH debugging of a total of hundreds of vehicles has been completed



Development ability of mould


· Development process of CAD\CAM\CAE integrated rubber and plastic mold
· Development and maintenance of mature superposition, cold (hot) flow channel and edge die
· Automatic intelligent chemical assembly development ability


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